Review of Self

“Don’t strive to be the best, just be better than you were years ago. 

This is something I have constantly been working on. Sometimes I don’t actively think about this quote, but that’s the quote I live by. This applies to my photography journey as well.

One of the assignments that I completed in my photography class involved experimenting a few variations of window lighting:

  • Side-light
  • Indoor lighting
  • Silhouette 

It took me quite a bit to get this out of the way, as I had initially shot a roll of film, but none of the pictures were helpful because they didn’t have a living human subject.

A few classes went by, and I eventually find a human subject: my friend Quinn.

Since we both didn’t have any pictures we could use for the project, we decided to work together and share a roll of film. After we had shot our film and developed our negatives. We had to make prints.

I had not known how to make prints but then Quinn showed me how to, so I’d like to thank him.

Since the prints came out sucky, I will instead show the negatives (but inverted):

As a bonus, I will put up a Google Form so I can review the photos you guys submit.
DO NOTE: When submitting, your IP and device info will be logged. The photos you submit must have EXIF data regarding what device it was shot on, and camera settings to ensure you are the original owner. Both the device info from the IP log and the EXIF data must match up for your submission to be approved.