click-pigeons — LVA’s photo blog

Introduction post, by Lettuce Cobbler Twinkie

Something I have always wanted to do was give others who share my interests a spotlight.

Thus, click-pigeons.

LVA’s photo blog where we pick out photo submissions to highlight and discuss.

My name is Connor Llanes, I am a 9th grade photography major who likes to play around with computers, and take pictures.

My photography journey originally started around September of 2021 [during 8th grade], on my trip to California while attending my aunt’s wedding. I was left without a camera and could not bring my phone, so I took pictures on my mom’s tablet. I had snapped a lot of neat pictures during that trip, without being aware of the rules of photography. I used a few for my LVA audition, too.

Since this is the introduction post, I think it would be nice to show some of the pictures I’ve taken.

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